Here at Country Day Dental, we are pleased to provide you with comprehensive orthodontic treatment for both adults and children. If you are interested in orthodontic treatment for you or your child we will be happy to provide you with treatment options that are available to give you the smile you deserve.

Orthodontic treatment for a child depends on structural jaw malalignments and tooth malpositioning. We will be glad to provide you with a free orthodontic evaluation appointment to give you an idea of what treatment might be necessary.

For adult orthodontic treatment, we offer both comprehensive and limited traditional braces as well as invisalign and custom made in-office clear trays to align your teeth. We also offer a combination of orthodontic treatments combined with veneers, crowns, and or bonding to finish that smile you’ve always wanted.

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We are located: 4255 Bryant Irvine Rd. Ste#111, Fort Worth, TX 76109
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